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Our platform gives banks, financing companies, and other small business lenders access to the most sophisticated technology in the market for underwriting, originating and servicing for their clients.

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The Value of Pahiram

Legacy Systems

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Manual, offline, limited options for customers

Omni-channel, customers can apply and access information 24/7 via web

Credit Information

Static, limited sources

Fully digitized, new inputs, real-time information including cashflow


Manual, expensive, slow

Automate as much of the underwriting process as you choose; seamlessly channel applicants according to customizable criteria


Manual, reactive, generally restiricted to periodic reviews only

Perpetually updated with real-time information; set triggers to proactively reach out to accounts that are in trouble or that qualify for new products

Our Products

Products built and managed through the Pahiram system

Pahiram cash on demand product


Cash on Demand enables financial institutions and organizations to offer convenient, safe, and secure salary-deducted loans to employees of SMEs and Cooperatives for unexpected and important expenses through a user-friendly platform.

Pahiram negosyo product


Perfect for small growing enterprises and startups. Our mission is to provide alternative financing options to help you grow your business. We offer Term Loans and Credit Lines to help support what your business needs.

Do you have other lending products in mind?

Pahiram application processing

Application Processing

Pahiram offers a variety of ways to receive applications, including a white-label Customer Portal that can be integrated into your website. Our platform then supports every step of the underwriting and origination process.

Underwriting & Product Management

With Pahiram you have the power to create and manage your own products, apply your own automation rules, and control pricing and credit policy.

Pahiram underwriting and product management
Pahiram servicing and collection

Servicing and Collection

Pahiram supports all aspects of loan servicing and portfolio management, from funding loans, to collecting payments, to handing special situations, to overseeing and reporting on your entire loan portfolio.


Our platform also offers the ability to monitor the financial and credit health of each borrower, providing you with advance notice at early signs of trouble or suggesting which borrower may be eligible for renewals or additional products.

Pahiram monitoring

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